Wednesday, August 15, 2012

portrait of a coffee loving artist

 watercolor and ink

“Fueled by [her] inspiration, 
[Jenn] ran across the room to steal the cup of 
[hazelnut] coffee 
the bookshelf had taken prisoner. 
Lapping the [creamy nutty] brew like a hyena, 
[she] tossed the empty cup aside
[deeply relieved that there were 3 more cups waiting]
[She] then returned to the chair to continue 
[her] divine act of creation. 
Hot blood swished in [her] head 
as [her] mighty [brush] stole across the [canvas].” 
― adapted from a quote bRoman Payne

for Jenn
to make her laugh
sharing at APR


  1. Hello Minnemie:) I'm sure this will make her laugh! Beautiful. I recognized her immediately:)
    I loved the interview you did with her! Very interesting to know a little bit more about you. The paintings that go with the interview are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lovely piece! Made me laugh, as I often dip my brush into my coke or coffee when I am painting, and have been known to drink the paint water....Valerie

  3. Funny and true. Must have some (more) coffee.

  4. Terrific drawing and so funny, x

  5. Haha! So fun and silly! I must admit hazelnut is not my thing, but I will further admit I recently picked up some Bailey's toffee almond cream for my weekend coffee. :)

  6. You made me laugh!!! - Love your art work.

  7. Brilliant funny!
    It nearly made me snort my cuppa with laughing. ;D

  8. Oh.. I'm such a coffee girl, too. I can totally relate! Hoping Jen enjoyed this one.

  9. Oh my gosh!! what a funny post, Minnemie!!! I love it..and the watercolor is excellent!!!

  10. I love this, just hilarious. That's me with the coffee too!!
    Your interview with Jenn is just fabulous. I loved your art before but now I understand and admire you even more.

  11. Oh gosh, this is so cute!! Should make her chuckle for sure. :)

  12. I'm quite sure that I never send you a picture of mine :) One can never have enough coffee.
    I enjoyed this post greatly!!!! (glad to see you are in good spirit)
    Warm regards.

  13. I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for distractions from the current drawing (as you do) ... So funny! and so apt (not only for me, judging by all the previous comments from coffee swilling artists) :-)

    Look forward to more of your lovely paintings (and humour)

  14. I used to love coffee, but can't drink it because of migraines. But I PAINT with it. I have started a new piece using coffee-- LOL. So I can still sit and enjoy the aroma without getting a headache. LOL.
    Hugs from London. xxx

  15. Excellent! I read your interview at APR, and think that it's really good to know a bit more about your life and creative process.

  16. Really cute theme and well executed drawing of a "coffee fiend!" LOL! I am sure she will love this one! Thank you for your comments on my Blog. :)

  17. Hey, hey, HEY!! HHeehehe. Ok, ok, that's me, I'm an addict and I need coffee therapy. This is adorabe, but couldn't my ugly feet be lied about?? Hehehe. Love it Minn, it's precious.

  18. Great job, I hope you send this to her, I think it would be perfect! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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