Wednesday, January 23, 2013

and so we lost the unicorns...

Noah was not only obedient to God's extraordinary commands, 
he was also fond of animals 
(which was unusual in his day), 
and not afraid of them.
He may not have had the strength of Samson, 
but he herded a great royal lion and tawny lioness 
up the ramp and into the ark without a flicker of nervousness, 
and cautioned them not to tread on the tail of the peacock 
who strutted ahead of them.  
He drew back only  little as the coral snake flickered 
with its beauty and its deadly poison.  
He swatted the ugly wild boar on it's rough rump.
And the water kept rising.  
And the animals kept coming.

The ostriches weren't at all sure about the gangplank 
and pecked at Noah as he urged them up into the ark.
 The birds flew in circles and excited the gorillas.  

And the water kept rising.

"Hurry!" cried Mrs. Noah.
"Hurry, hurry, hurry!" cried their sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth.
And the water kept rising.
And the family kept shouting.
And Noah got wetter and wetter 
and his beard and hair dripped 
great drops of rain.

"They're all in!" cried Mrs. Noah.  
and she pulled Noah up the gangplank, 
and Shem, Ham and Japeth pulled the gangplank up, 
and the ark began to move away 
into the floodwaters.

Noah shook the rain from his eyes. 
"Wait!" he cried.  
"The unicorns aren't on!" 
 But the ark was already out into deep water.

~Madeliene L'Engle, Ladder of Angels



  1. Minn, what a beautiful painting, I think a unicorn is just perfect for the time in your life, something magical, a blessing. Thanks so much for participating, I'm thrilled that you found your brushes again.

  2. Lovely painting and great story, too! Valerie

  3. I love the story, and how you always tie in a quote or a story to your paintings. Really excellent. I also really like how you've portrayed the expression and strength of the unicorn. Another superb painting, Minn! :-)

  4. This is spectacular - the painting, the words. I had to read and look more than once.


  5. LOL love the painting and the text !

  6. Oh Minnemie this is incredible. The painting exudes such power. It's quite staggering and I've been looking at it for quite some time now.
    I also think the wording perfect to accompany it.

  7. wonderful piece! and a great build-up to it!

  8. Magnificent unicorn ~ Marvelous work ~ and I love unicorns ~ great quote ~ Carol ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  9. Wow! Amazing painting, almost like a statue, as if he were locked in the moment he was left behind! So powerful, amazing color and dynamic pose, and the way you've broken it up to mix with the text is genius! The story is terribly sad so of course I refuse to believe it. (I'm sticking with my fantasy of the unicorns finding an isolated island where they live peacefully away from the meddling of humans!)

  10. Lovely and energetic and powerful unicorn portrait!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. LOVE this, what a powerful post and image. Your unicorn is magnificent! Happy PPF!

  12. I've said it many times before - you are amazing, talented and a gifted painter. I know, I will say it 1000's of times more! Beautiful painting and as always, you find the perfect quote to express the emotion of your work.

  13. what an incredibly beautiful painting!! Happy PPF!

  14. Beautiful painting along side the words, makes for a fab piece of art. Enjoy the weekend, happy PPF, Annette x

  15. I am just undone by the BEauty and Wonder of this. I so enJOY your posts and the way you tell a story.

    Pretty heavenly, this one...

  16. Oh Madeline L' of my all time favorite writers! And what joyful paintings you created to go with!
    Happy PPF,

  17. How nice story and good job accompanying unicorn, very strong inage., Saludos

  18. Oh how wonderful. Happy PPF dear heart.

  19. the painting to go with the words is just so perfect... you have a wonderful style and I love the strength of your colours and lines... such a delicate balance but you nail it every time ... awesome...xx

  20. wow -- thanks so much - that was wonderful. Never read that Lengle passage but how perfect it is - and this unicorn I really like due to its fierceness and its animality - most unicorns are portrayed as somehow too pure and namby pamby. this one seems like it could really exist

  21. Great painting and story! Thank you!! Happy PPF!

  22. What a lovely and powerful post - the unicorns are full of power and a dignity in their uniqueness! Happy PPF

  23. Oh no! Don't forget the unicorns! What a great story to go with your awesome painting! I got chills reading it! I am so sorry the unicorns must have floated away into another dimensional...but so wonderful not to see one in pink, purple and green. Yours feels real!

  24. stunning piece of art, as always. Noah's ark is a nice fairytale although I suspect if unicorns ever did exist, the fact they no longer do would unfortunately have more to do with mankind hunting them into the realms of folklore than Noah forgetting to put them on his boat! Still, it's the perfect prose as always to accompany your stunning art.

  25. Your art always makes me hungry for more :) It has all the charm and beauty needed to make my heart smile :)

  26. The combination of prose and the painting are really quite brilliant.

    The painting itself I find quite remarkable, showing the animal as dynamic and wild and not just soft and safe.

    The juxtapositioning of the painting between the raging animal and a fair-ground merry-go-round 'horse' is unique and needs hanging somewhere important!

  27. Hello Minnemie:) Quite a sad story, but wonderful told:) Your paintings are so beautiful. The expression on the horse face is telling the whole story again! So wonderful done!

  28. Lovely work. Great story telling. HPPF

  29. Great story - the ending made me smile! Beautiful painting - I love the way you handle paint to achieve a 3d effect and in such an expressive way.Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  30. A marvellous story, and lovely artwork. So sad that the unicorns were late.
    And so glad I've found your blog through APR. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. Jez


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