Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Balance in Life Together


“Let him who cannot be alone beware of community... 
Let him who is not in community beware of being alone... 
Each by itself has profound perils and pitfalls. 
One who wants fellowship without solitude 
plunges into the void of words and feelings, 
and the one who seeks solitude without fellowship
perishes in the abyss of vanity, self-infatuation and despair.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together

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  1. i clicked on your watercolor to make it larger - it's really quite lovely! some wonderful, vibrant colors and plenty of detail. and i like the quote you chose to use - nicely put together :)

  2. So glad to see you back!! I was wondering what havoc or new beginnings were keeping you away... so much that i almost called you. still need to see you all but am comforted that you're here. love you friend!

  3. Perfect! I imagine all those buildings filled with people who can choose being alone or with community. Looks like a place I would like to visit.


  4. Is this a view from your rooftops? NICE!

  5. A wonderful drawing and painting. Great word/thought for 2013. Love the quotation, too.

  6. Hi my sweet friend, I hope you're doing well. Thanks for taking the time to participate, as always your painting is exquisite. I love how it makes me feel like I'm somewhere foreign but not lost.

  7. It seems ages since we last met Minnemie,
    Happy New Year to you and your's...I hope your New Year has started well and just continues to get better with each day!

    Your painting as always leaves me speechless which as you know is a rare thing...hence 'Neesie Natters'! ;D

    I even enlarged it to have a good look at the details and could just look at it for hours.
    I now wonder where it was taken from? You'll have to tell me to put me out of my misery ;D

  8. Your painting is great. I know it's a water color yet is seems so real. I really like the
    view of roof lines.

    The quote is wonderful.

  9. I LOVE your intricate watercolor. I never heard that quote, but I love that too. Blessings!

  10. Beautiful quote Minnemie! And your watercolor is beautiful. Long time since we have spoken so here it is: HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  11. I like your water colour very much! I love all those interconnecting "boxes" and your treatment of them. Very sculptural, I think. Also liked the quote a lot. Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  12. I'm not sure how I missed this painting, Minnemie!!! A beautiful quote..and this painting is fantastic! I LOVE all the details and color you put into this of my favorites.!

  13. I have also admired this picture so much and I jaust found out that I did not leave a comment. The little houses and rooftops are beautiful and love the atmosphere you created very much!


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