Thursday, March 28, 2013

life's simple pleasures...

The boys are all excited to make art in and out of nature after watching a documentary on 
and being inspired by local artist and friend


  1. I enjoyed that it was uplifting and refreshing.

  2. This is beyond fabulous... the art teacher in me is doing a happy dance to see them engaging with art like that and it brings back Phantom being little and taking her to the waterfront to make some installations... time goes by so quick ... but the mother in me is completely freaking out that you found the time to do with with a new baby in the house and the four boys ... you are the epitome of a superwoman... you have totally brightened my Easter weekend and congrats to the artist and entertainer...xx

  3. What a terrific video! I love the "unexpected intermission" and other cute and funny touches! Lovely music and editing and wow, just too adorable! I can't tell you how nice it is to see kids outside doing arty things, rather than on the computer or other device, for a change! Bravo to all! :)

  4. Hello Minnemie:) Such lovely boys and so creative! Beautiful things just made with things out of the nature. Over here children only know how to play with computer games and are not interested in nature at all! I loved to see this little but beautiful video. Thanks for sharing!xx


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