Friday, March 20, 2015

behind the eyes...

between what was and
what is to come lies the vast
uncertain unknown


And with compassion for the hurting, 
You reached out Your hand,
You saw behind the eyes of sorrow 
And shared in our tears, 
Heard the sigh of the weary, 
Let the children draw near.    

~Keith&Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend
Compassion Hymn

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  1. Beautiful painting and words. Valerie

  2. I looked at this for several minutes; an accomplishment of beauty and thought.

  3. Brilliant... the reflection is amazing Minnemie,
    It's wonderful to see your paintings once again.
    Have a great weekend and Happy PPF to you

  4. I can feel the train. I van feel my lips against the cold glass and see the steam of my breath. Beautiful memories brought forth from this painting.

  5. Wow I rarely get goosebumps on gauge for excellence, but I have them today.. this is stunning the words and art!! Very universal and classic! Terrific work!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love how you've handled the reflections. Beautiful.

  7. Awesome! Filled with sorrows and hope..

  8. Wow! So much feeling. But also those reflections are amazing!

  9. So beautifully done! And beautiful words too.

  10. To me these children are on a train, possibly going to visit grandparents, watching the world pass by. It's me and my brother when we were very young, and our parents put us on the train and our grandparents were there when we arrived. Your painting brought this all back to me. It's beautifully done. Thank you!

  11. Your post and explanation of who I am gave me moving and honest.

  12. Love this one, Min. Every painting you do is overflowing with your passion. It shines through and is bright as day. Keep painting :). M.x

  13. This is stunning Min. I loved the first part of that quote especially - the uncertain unknown. I love how the little child at the back looks to be blowing raspberries on the glass while the one in front is looking pensively out at the passing scenery - so much of a story behind this piece making the viewer wonder who they are and where they are going.

  14. So full of soul and compassion. Your work is breathtaking. The reflections, the blur of scenery, the beautiful faces of the boys -- you put so much into your paintings. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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